Our Equipment

Our extensive range of injection packers; hand, pneumatic and electric pumps; mixing devices; coupling systems; and specialist equipment is designed to meet all your construction needs.


The BCS technical support team can provide:

  • advice on selecting the correct equipment to work with your materials
  • training on how to use and service the equipment onsite or in the warehouse
  • a full range of spares and technical data.


Commitment to Quality

Our concrete repair products and delivery systems have been developed using the latest technology and proven construction expertise.


BCS equipment is imported from Desoi GmbH. Desoi is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality injection systems for concrete repairs and products for sealing, renovation and building preservation.


HDT Unit

HDT Unit



The HDT unit is a control unit for blasting and spinning.

Operation during substrate preparation and coating is carried out from outside the manhole. This elevates the requirement to access into the shaft.

Easy handling and rapid operation on site characterises the system. You download the HDT unit product information sheet here.


Some of our Equipment


  • building equipment
  • building equipment
  • building equipment