Training and Certification 


Injection, Repair and Protection Certification

All BCS senior staff and applicators must obtain Injection, Repair and Protection (IRP) Certification through an independent training authority at the BZB (Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes – Academy for the Construction Industry) in Germany.


This international qualification proves competence in the injection, repair and protection of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. The course incorporates best practice methodologies and the latest developments in the building chemicals market. It also provides an advanced level of knowledge and training. IRP Certification is recognised as the European benchmark.


More than 80 percent of our staff are IRP Certified and this ensures all projects are completed by qualified professionals.

IRP Course Details

The IRP Course is based on the German standard for repairing and refurbishing concrete and reinforced concrete structures. It includes both a practical and a written examination and is conducted in Malaysia / Singapore (stage one; to facilitate the Asia-Pacific region) and Germany (stage two). The course covers building materials and related properties, health and safety measures for safely managing chemicals, substrate preparation and protection, filling of cracks and voids, polymer-modified mortars, grouting, fiber-sheet wrapping and other topics.

Applicator Training

Regular and intensive training is provided for all Building Chemical Supplies (BCS) applicators to ensure our products are used correctly. In-house and overseas training in Malaysia and Germany supports the applicators in their approach to each project.


Our national network of IRP Certified technicians enables BCS to provide practical solutions, not just products, for the construction industry.


The successful completion of IRP II enables the applicator to use the full range of the MC-Bauchemie products including the multi-component materials and all resins.


Our Continuing Commitment  

Quality Suppliers

Building Chemical Supplies (BCS) imports construction chemicals and specialist equipment from highly respected industry partners, MC-Bauchemie GmbH and Desoi GmbH of Germany.


Strong relationships with these companies enable our staff to access international project experience and implement the latest technologies for our clients.


Through our partnerships, BCS can deliver engineered solutions using quality construction chemicals with proven application techniques and equipment.


BCS is the exclusive Australian importer and distributor for construction chemicals from MC-Bauchemie GmbH and Desoi GmbH.

Quality Management

Quality management is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and encompasses our advice, co-operation, products and services.


Together with our supply partners MC-Bauchemie GmbH and Desoi GmbH, we strive to incorporate quality control systems and environmental protection into our planning and actions.


MC-Bauchemie Building Chemicals is certified for:

  • Quality Management according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • Environmental Management according to DIN EN ISO 14001 & validated according to EU eco-regulation 761/2001 (Reg.-No.: DE-S-156-00024).

Desoi GmbH are certified for:

  • Quality Management according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • And are currently working toward, Environmental Management according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and validation according to EU eco-regulation 761/2001 (Reg.-No.: DE-S-156-00024).

Environmental Focus

BCS is committed to responsible environmental management. Our risk and environmental management plans identify potential environmental hazards, assesses risk and implements control measures.

We pride ourselves on environmentally sound construction planning including:

  • prevention of pollution
  • effective use of energy
  • conservation of (waste) water
  • minimisation and recycling of waste.


Our company encourages constructive engagement with communities surrounding our facilities and project operations. We also ensure our staff receive training in environmental legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice relevant to our business.


BCS prefers to conduct business with suppliers and contractors who have a similar commitment to sound environmental policies.

Strong Engineering Focus

Our team includes experienced engineers and maintenance trade professionals who deliver best practice project management in conjunction with our IRP Certified technicians.


More than 40 percent of BCS staff have attained professional engineering qualifications. This high level of expertise delivers unique benefits by providing clients with access to expert construction advice throughout each project.