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Building Chemical Supplies (BCS) provides asset remediation, repair and maintenance services with a specialist focus on concrete crack, waterproofing and spalling repairs. Projects are delivered across Australia with a strong emphasis on distribution, rail and civil services.


BCS imports all construction chemicals and specialist equipment from world-renown industry partners, MC Bauchemie GmbH and Desoi GmbH of Germany. These strong partnerships enable BCS to provide exceptional services and leverage world-wide expertise.


BCS is committed to delivering quality outcomes for all clients and is a leading supplier of construction chemical materials and equipment for the Australian mining, infrastructure and concrete construction industries.



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About Our Team

All BCS engineering and management team members are IRP Certified.

Our national network of IRP Certified technicians enables BCS to provide practical solutions, not just products

for the entire Australian construction industry.

About Our Team


Our Commitment


We constantly review our performance to assess how, when and where we can add real value to project outcomes. BCS delivers proven project management best practice with an extensive team of project administrators, engineers, technical staff and maintenance trade professionals. We deliver comprehensive solutions to meet individual client needs. Our dedicated staff provide advice and expertise based on solid engineering experience and the latest technologies.


We provide engineered solutions using quality construction chemicals, proven application techniques and specialist equipment. BCS materials and equipment are imported from highly respected industry partners, MC-Bauchemie GmbH (construction chemicals) and Desoi (specialist application equipment) of Germany. Strong relationships with these companies enable our staff to access international project experience. We achieve successful project outcomes by using a solution-based approach, highly skilled technicians.


We deliver excellent results by employing exceptional and approachable people who deliver outcomes in a safe and efficient manner. Our specialist staff are dedicated and conduct themselves with integrity, honesty and a down-to-earth attitude. Our staff are trained to international standards and operate in compliance with all Australian codes and standards.


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